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Suppose you lack time or money to go to the gym, no more excuses for not working out. Here you will find what gym equipment you need to train at home at a low cost by setting up your own home gym.

People who want to put their heart to work and thus benefit from aerobic exercises (prevention of cardiovascular diseases, calorie-burning, better regulation of cholesterol, triglycerides or blood glucose levels, etc.) can also exercise without leaving the living room. To do this, we need to get hold of the basic equipment to set up our own home gym:

A Rope

It is much simpler and cheaper to buy a skipping rope. With it, you can do series combined with other types of exercises or just jumping for a certain duration; and is that, for example, jumping rope for 10 minutes burns about 90 kilocalories (although this figure depends on several factors such as weight, sex or the intensity and speed of the jumps …). You can get a skipping rope for as little as four euros, although there are even electronic ones that count the number of jumps you make, the time, and the calories burned.


If the neighbors downstairs knock on the door complaining about the constant noise of jumping, a quieter option, although also somewhat more expensive, is to purchase a step with which, to the rhythm of good music, you can burn many calories. For about 25 euros you can have this device at home.

It is also possible (and usually more common) to do other types of exercises at home, from classic bodybuilding to toning and stretching.


To this end, an essential material for setting up a mini-gym at home is a pair of dumbbells with different weights; thus, the dumbbells can be used by all the family members by simply modifying the weight discs to the physical conditions of each one of them. A set of two dumbbells of up to 10 kilos and a price of 30-40 euros for the two can be enough for general basic training, but, if a higher muscular work is desired, it will be necessary to opt for some of 20, 30 and even more kilos.

Elastic Bands

They are also an almost essential element for exercising at home. With them, you can add more intensity and variety to your bodybuilding exercises, but they can also be part of a stretching table. There are many models, sizes and types, but the most basic ones cost about three euros.


To make an even more complete table of exercises in which all the muscle groups are covered, it is convenient to have a mat to do floor exercises more comfortably. You can find them at many different prices, although the cheapest ones are around three euros.


To complete the training program, a fitball can greatly expand the possibilities of home exercise. It is important to choose the most suitable one according to the height of the person who will use it, so if the family members are very different in size, unfortunately, they will not be able to share it. The price of the fitball is from 10 euros, but they are quite bulky, and it is not comfortable to have several of them spread around the house because of their volume; it is always possible to inflate and deflate them, but the laziness of doing it every day will be the perfect excuse for not doing our exercise table at home, and that is the opposite of what we are looking for.

A Treadmill Or An Exercise Bike

They are the classic devices for aerobic exercise at home, as long as the budget allows it, of course. Many types depend on what we can invest in it, from the most basic to some with monitors and programs to simulate running through parks or cities.