The treadmill is not a new invention, but the latest models are a tremendous improvement over the old ones. Remember those cumbersome treadmills with the very loud motors? They are all a thing of the past. We can now look towards the newer models packed with digital features such as heart rate monitors, inclines, and pre-programmed workouts. Those who wish to devise their treadmill workouts are some of the standard programs that they can follow to obtain reliable results.


There are scores of different workout strategies you can follow by using treadmills. Get yours now -Treadmills for sale, but the one that you choose should be based on your own needs and goals.  The most basic of basic treadmill workouts are based on minimum duration and intensity levels. For example, if you can comfortably handle 3.5 mph for 20 minutes, perform such an exercise. If you can run 5.0 mph for one hour, follow that workout. This way, you would not be overdoing it with your exercise. Instead, the exercise would conform to and compliment your current fitness levels.

Another theory of treadmill workouts involves the use of a heart rate monitor. The monitor could be part of the treadmill or bought separately as an accessory. Depending upon the speed you maintain and the level of stress on your cardiovascular system, your heart rate will reach a certain level. Specific heart rates burn fat, individual heart rates burn equal parts carbs and fat, and very high heart rates will burn muscle. Using the heart rate monitor to maintain a speed that targets stored fat would be among the best treadmill workouts to select to achieve a specific goal.

Interval training workouts on a treadmill have also become popular in recent years. Why is this? They combine low intensity, middle-level intensity, and high-intensity workouts within the same session. This is done because most people cannot handle a full high power or mid-level intensity for an extended period within the same workout session. After all, it requires too much effort.

However, the same people who could not work that hard would probably not wish to work the entire session at a low-intensity level. So a mix of intensity levels is employed in the same workout. An example of how this is done is that you could work out on the treadmill for 20 minutes. One minute would be at low intensity, followed by 30 seconds of mid-level intensity and then 15 seconds of high intensity. This would be repeated for the bulk of the 20-minute workout.

The total time of high-intensity exercise is the same as if you did it continuously, but it is much easier to do. Just be sure to perform a proper workout and cool down when taking part in an interval program. For many, these workouts can be considered among the best of the best because they not only burn fat; they aid in increasing cardiovascular health. People unsure whether they can perform high-intensity exercise should consult their physician before starting such an exercise program.

There is much more versatility to treadmill workouts than people may initially realize. Built-in programs can provide different templates for customizing and developing your activities. The variety of exercise possible with a treadmill is limited only by your imagination.