Afraid of Face Oils? Herbivore's Lapis Facial Oil Does the Balancing Trick  – Amalie Blog

Herbivore skincare products are naturally made from biotic factors. The products have a more negligible effect on humans and the environment. 

Facial oils are here to stay. For many years, facial oils have been used for various reasons like beauty and skincare. To make your skin happy, you can plan a routine to apply facial oil. Facial oil, in turn, will make you require less makeup, facial products and worry less about your appearance.

Not only do herbivore skincare oils make your skin look good, but they have vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients that are useful to the body and skin. The packaging is also of high quality and made from biodegradable materials.

Your skin reflects what is likely happening on the inside. Here are simple steps you can use to have glowing skin.

  1. Cleanse your skin: when taking a shower or before and you want to prepare your skin. It is best to cleanse with warm water and wipe off the waiter using a face towel.
  2. Tone: Next, use a facial toner, or you can use a facial mist; this helps remove any remaining soap residues. Toning your face also helps hydrate your skin. This sometimes also assists your face in absorbing minerals and ingredients. Herbivore skin care products are infused with many flourishing natural products. Natural products such as green tea, soothing aloe vera, and many more ingredients are the key contributors to make herbivore skin oils.
  3. Serum/Essence: serum is essential when you want beautiful skin. It’s made with blends of all-natural fruits that help exfoliate the skin’s top layer and minimize skin breakouts. Essence also helps your skin to remain natural and heal from any ill-effects subjected to it. With a vegan, you can never go wrong with serum.
  4. Moisturize: a moist and hydrated skin will look healthy and appears dewy. Many skin problems emanate from dry skin. Skin dryness is a result of over washing, over treated or subjecting skin to conventional facial care products with toxic chemical products.
  5. Facial Oil: after moisturizing your face with a natural moisturizer, your final step is applying the all-natural herbal skincare oil. Facial oil helps maintain the skin’s hydration nature, and your skin will absorb the natural minerals and ingredients present in natural skin care products.
    If you have blemishes and other wounds on your skin, then the healing effect from natural skin products will be of importance to your face. Besides skin protection, you will also benefit from fatty acids that help heal blemishes and enrich your skin with nutrients.

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