Board Exams 2022: CBSE releases rationalised term-wise syllabus for Class  9-12 | Education News,The Indian Express

The CBSE Exams are conducted in order to help students as a stepping stone towards their career. As the Class 11 and 12 Exams are very crucial for the students, they might be facing difficulty on how to complete the entire syllabus accordingly. Mathematics is one of the scoring subjects when it comes to exam preparation. It contains a lot of numericals and theorems which are of more importance in the CBSE Class 11 and 12 term wise exams. Learning the basic concepts here is very important as it would be continued in higher levels of education.

Before preparing for the term wise exams, students should understand the syllabus covered for each term. Solving the questions from the NCERT Textbook plays an important role from the exam perspective. Students who are not able to understand the concepts which are explained during the class hours can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths which are available online. By referring to these, students will be able to understand the method of solving complex problems effortlessly. 

How to score good marks in the Class 11 and 12 Maths Exam?

1. Prepare a time table

Students should prepare a checklist which covers all the chapters from the textbook. Then they should focus on the chapters which they are good at and finish them first. Later they have to spend more time on the concepts which they are not strong at and work on them for a remarkable score. By doing this, students will be able to give equal importance to all the chapters and do not miss anything at the end. It will also provide sufficient time for relaxing and recalling the points which are important to solve the problems with ease. 

2. Prepare notes while studying

While learning new concepts and formulas, students have to make a note of the important things they learn in each chapter. They can glance at it each day before starting a new chapter so that they remember all the important concepts effortlessly. It will also save their time during revision and improve the analytical skills among the students. By regularly reading the notes, students will be able to remember the points and the pattern of answering the questions without any difficulty.

3. Solve sample papers

Sample papers and previous year question papers play an important role when it comes to Class 11 and 12 exams. So by solving it students will understand the concepts which are of more marks in the exams. It will also help them grasp the pattern of solving complex questions according to the CBSE guidelines and exam pattern.

4. Revise the concepts

After finishing the entire textbook, students are recommended to revise the chapters. This will provide them much time to understand the chapters which they are struggling with and work on them for a good score. It will also enhance their time management skills which is important from the exam point of view.

From these points you would be able to understand how to perform well in the Class 11 and 12 Maths Exams. Students who are finding it difficult to answer the questions from the textbook can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths which are designed by a set of highly qualified faculty. They curate the solutions after conducting a vast research on each concept in order to help the students irrespective of their understanding abilities. Using the study materials available online, it will be possible for the students to face the exams more confidently. It will make them more strong in the fundamental concepts which are of more marks in the exams.