December 8, 2022


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How CBT for Anxiety Disorders Works

Anxiety disorders are developed due to overthinking things that haven’t happened yet. Too much anticipation can lead to anxiety attacks. Sudden life events can also lead to anxiety and some people can not get over it. Therefore they need professional intervention to be able to get back the balance they need. A lot of therapy methods are being used for people suffering from anxiety disorders. Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the methods used to address this issue. CBT for anxiety disorders has been used since it focuses on the thoughts and behavior of a person. 

Steps on how CBT for Anxiety Disorders works

  1. Recognize your Negative Thoughts

People have different reasons for feeling anxious, some reason includes generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobia, or panic attacks. Patients should be able to pinpoint the main reason for their anxiety since this will be the basis of the therapist on where to start the treatment.  One way of determining this is by observing what was on your mind before the anxiety attacks occurred. You can then tell the cause of your anxiety. Knowing the cause can make your therapist pick the right CBT for you. 

  1. Overcoming your Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are ones that trigger anxiety, therefore patients are counsel by their therapist to control it.  Avoiding negative thinking can be a good start in overcoming your anxiety. Your therapist will be guiding you on how you can control yourself by always predicting negative things to happen. These predictions increase your anxiety more and more because you worry about things that didn’t even happen. Being able to have power over your mind can help you stabilize your thinking and then your action follows. Remember what you think is what your body does.

  1. Focus on Positive Thoughts

Once you have learned to avoid thinking of negative things you can now replace them with positive things. Filing your thoughts with positive outlooks can help you see a better future. When people focus on a positive outlook in life they can plan better things to improve their relationship with people and even their career. Cognitive behavior therapy helps people think well in order to have good action too. Make a routine that upon waking up thinking of a motivational phrase that can stimulate your mind to be positive throughout the day. Say this when you wake up and before sleeping.  

  1. Care For Yourself 

Cognitive Behavioral therapy will show you how to value yourself. As they say before caring for others, start with yourself. Selfcare can aid in knowing how you matter, Anxiety often results in neglecting your physical needs such as proper hygiene and diet. Physical and mental should always correspond to each other. If you take care of your body physically, you can have a clearer mind. Caring for yourself can be a start for you to be able to feel relaxed and calm. When you will be able to do this you will see yourself as a new person.         

  1. Love Yourself 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will recommend you to love yourself. Anxiety can be caused by the hatred and sad past that has been haunting you for years. Release it, you have to let go of the thoughts and feelings that hurt you. In this way, you can move forward instead. Accepting defeat from the past can help you open your heart to love people and it should start with yourself. People often don’t realize that they are not loving themselves enough, they focus on receiving love from family and friends. The therapist will advise you to speak to yourself with compassion and understanding. As they say, love comes from within, love yourself and people will love you back. 

CBT for anxiety disorders comes in many methods. Each method is studied carefully since it involves people’s behavior and thinking. Therapists are also keen on evaluating their patients’ needs based on the things that trigger their anxiety. They are flexible enough to adjust based on how their patient’s responses. They don’t rush things and will let you do the sessions at your own pace as long as they can see your commitment and willingness to be the better person you want to be.