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Most women often wonder how to lose weight with menopause. This issue becomes quite relevant in women aged 40-50, as menopause and excess weight can go hand in hand. During the climacteric, a woman faces serious changes in the hormonal background, which, together with other factors, cause a set of extra pounds. However, it is not necessary to put an end to your figure, just a little help your body. The supplement Estroven is extremely effective for weight problems with menopausal changes.

Why Do Females Gain Weight With Menopause?

Weight gain with menopause occurs for two main reasons:

  • Changes in the hormonal background. With the advent of menopause, the woman’s body reduces the level of hormones produced, in particular estrogen. Women gain weight on the background of a serious hormonal failure, metabolic decline. This is where Estroven comes in.
  • Attempts of the body to normalize hormone levels. A decrease in the level of hormones produced is a stressful condition for the body. It “begins to look for options” for getting the missing hormones in other ways. Fatty tissue is capable of producing estrogen, so the body tries to accumulate it. Estroven intake is able to help.

What Is Estroven?

Dietary supplement Estroven weight management is a collection of the most useful natural components, which for a long time has a good reputation among menopausal women. A great addition to the aforementioned assisting in controlling weight gain is other properties of Estroven. It also contributes to a significant reduction in the number and intensity of hot flashes and night sweats.

Estroven Ingredients

The dietary supplement Estroven is based on three key components. They are quite well known to a wide audience and have an excellent reputation in terms of combating unpleasant menopausal manifestations. The main ingredients of Estroven weight management are the following:

  • black cohosh;
  • soybeans;
  • quadrangular cissus.

The last component of Estroven also serves as the tool that assists the woman in the process of weight control. Synetrim CQ extract was isolated from this plant. It has a beneficial effect on serotonin levels in the brain of a menopausal woman and thus contributes to the process of weight control.

Estroven Side Effects

The risk of negative phenomena when taking any drug always exists. The reason for this is the fact that every human body, in fact, is unique and can respond differently to a particular medication/food supplement. Also, a role is played by the fact that people do not always responsibly take medications and violate the regimen of the drug and the recommended dosage. Generally unacceptable, unfortunately, are the frequent cases of self-medication. In such situations, the incidence of side effects is extremely high.

So, during testing and continued use of Estroven by women, some of them reported the manifestation of the following negative effects:

  • headaches;
  • feeling dizzy and nauseous;
  • vomiting;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea.

Estroven Reviews

The bio-active supplement Estroven weight management is an effective way for those menopausal women who want to return their weight to normal. Many positive reviews about the product Estroven are indisputable proof.