While incontinence affects both men and women equally, the social views and ideologies that portray men as a dominant and strong gender influence the way they respond to and deal with the problem. In fact, many men, even over the age of 60, do not accurately inform that they are suffering from incontinence or that they are in need of incontinence products. The psychological barriers that surround men pads are often much more formidable than those that surround incontinence products for women. This is further accentuated by the fact that there are several myths surrounding men pads and other incontinence products, and these myths stop men from choosing continence products that will help make their lives better. Maybe you like law firm marketing.

Confidenceclub, a leading men pads provider in Australia, is a company that wishes to help senior adults in society live a fulfilling and satisfying life. Therefore, the company will help bust some of the common myths that surround incontinence pads and other products.

Bulky – One of the more common myths regarding incontinence pads is that they are very bulky. Most men pads contain both an absorbent pulp along with SAP (super-absorbent polymers), which is very thin and highly absorbent in nature. So, incontinence pads will not be bulky but fit snugly undergarments.

Uncomfortable – Another common myth is that pads are highly uncomfortable and cause rash and itches. Confidenceclub’s incontinence products (https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/all-products)  are all made of soft and breathable material that feels excellent on the skin. Moreover, they have superior absorption capabilities that make sure that your skin will feel fresh and prevent any rash or irritation. In fact, after the initial acclimation period, you will not even be aware that it is there.

Not Discreet – Men are more active than women and many feel that the continence pads that they wear will be noticeable and others will be able to spot it. However, this can’t be further from the truth. Men pads are designed to be discreet and the SAP material makes them much thinner. So, one can rest assured that no one will notice them.

Pads are for Women – This is a dated thought that is indicative of the society we live in. Incontinence pads are designed to be used by both genders. In fact, ConfidenceClub men pads Australia are exclusively designed based on the male anatomy to make sure that they fit them perfectly.

Smell and Odour – Men often fear that the urine absorbed in the pad will cause a bad odour. However, that is not true at all. The SAP in incontinence pads is made of acidic pH material that restricts and prevents bacteria that cause bad odour. So, you will be able to wear them all day long without smelling bad.

 This article was created with the goal of educating men about these five common myths that have ever since prevented men from even trying incontinence pads, and helping them find out the truth. If you are a man who wishes to try incontinence products after reading this article, feel free to contact Confidenceclub, the best continence management company in Australia, and choose your desired product from their wide range of men pads. https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/all-products